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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Annex 1 Paris MOU

Section 1 Priority inspections

1.1 Regardless of the value of the target factor, as referred to in Section 1.2, the following ships shall be considered as an overriding priority for inspection :

.1 Ships which have been reported by pilots or port authorities as havingdeficiencies which may prejudice their safe navigation;

.2 Ships carrying dangerous or polluting goods, which have failed to report all relevant information concerning the ship's particulars, the ship's movements and concerning the dangerous or polluting goods being carried to the competent authority of the port and coastal State;

.3 Ships which have been the subject of a report or notification by anotherAuthority;

.4 Ships which have been the subject of a report or complaint by the master, a crew member, or any person or organization with a legitimate interest in the safe operation of the ship, shipboard living and working conditions or the prevention of pollution, unless the Authority concerned deems the report or complaint to be manifestly unfounded; the identity of the person lodging the report or complaint must not be revealed to the master or the shipowner of the ship concerned;

.5 Ships which have been:

- involved in a collision, grounding or stranding on their way to the port,

- accused of an alleged violation of the provisions on discharge of harmfulsubstances or effluents,

- manoeuvred in an erratic or unsafe manner whereby routing measures, adopted by the IMO, or safe navigation practices and procedures have not been followed, or

- otherwise operated in such a manner as to pose a danger to persons, property or the environment;

.6 Ships which have been suspended from their class for safety reasons in the course of the preceding 6 months.