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Friday, October 19, 2018


Dr Michael Kennedy of Hellespont Steamship Corporation, an INTERANKO member, has won the prestigious Seatrade Safety at Sea Award for 2001 for his computer modelling of air and gas flows in double hull structures.

The announcement and presentation were made at the Seatrade Awards Ceremony Dinner in London on 9 April. Further details of the VENT2D program which enables designers to study gaseous flows through tanks, including its availability free to members, will be provided in the Weekly NEWS and our website later this month.

Readers will recall that an INTERTANKO member Lyras Shipping Ltd and Ulysses Marine Electronic Market Ltd were recipients of the Innovation Award for 2000. On this occasion it was for the development of the Integrated Shipping Management Solutions (ISMS) system developed.  The ISMS system, in the words of its developers: "was designed to become the central source of information on board and possibly in the office as well. The chance of human error is multiplied when people are preoccupied unnecessarily or when information is confused. We sought to help the mariner have a clear mind so that his awareness is not dulled by bureaucracy. A good mariner needs only clarity of mind to perform well. An inexperienced mariner needs good supervision and easily found information to enhance his knowledge. Clarity of mind, co-ordination and knowledge are the areas we assist on board vessels using ISMS. ISMS enhances safety by eliminating the inefficiencies of handling information, and letting the important messages make the most impact. We created the vehicle to carry the safety culture on board and ashore"