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Monday, October 15, 2018


The loss of the Erika in December 1999 initiated a busy and exciting year 2000 for the tanker industry. The accident caused great political unrest and prompted regulatory initiatives and reviews in areas such as accelerated phase-out of single hull tankers, liability and compensation for oil pollution damage, port state control, the role of classification societies and ports of refuge. INTERTANKO has been actively participating in a multitude of discussions with governments and industry bodies on national, regional and international levels, seeking to stimulate developments based on a practical approach.

At the same time 2000 was a remarkable year for most tanker owners with freight rates reaching record levels not seen since the 1973 oil crisis. This outstanding improvement in the market can certainly be attributed in large part to changes in chartering policies following the Erika accident and to increasing oil and tonne/mile demand. 2000 also saw the delivery of 41 VLCCs with another 30 due for delivery in the course of 2001 while scrapping slowed dramatically.

 The next INTERTANKO Annual General Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Sydney Tanker Event 22-25 April, where many of the above issues will be discussed, with a strong focus on quality challenges and future standards, together with topics such as pilotage, piracy, e-commerce and the  role of the broker.  There will also be an Open Market Session and a Session on the impact of classification on quality and safety – challenges ahead.  Please click here for a continuously updated programme for the Sydney Tanker Event 2001 can be found on our web site at

 The aim of the Sydney Tanker Event is not simply to review the activities and achievements of INTERTANKO and the industry in the past, but rather to explore future scenarios and opportunities to continue the development of a sound framework for quality and safety standards for tankers and tanker operations. As an organisation we are dependent on active input from our members. Over 190 delegates are registered for the Event including members, speakers and invited guests.  If you have not already registered and would like to join us in Sydney, please contact Mr Anders Baardvik on telephone +44 20 7369 1650, e-mail to