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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


ISO/TC 28/SC 4 Working Group 6. Classification and specification of marine fuels. Press release - 19th meeting on 6th April 2001:


Working Group 6 (WG6) held its 19th meeting last Friday, 6th April 2001, primarily to finalise the draft for a revision of ISO 8217, “Specification of marine fuels”, which has been under preparation for the past five years.

The draft contains a number of important changes including controls on inclusion of used lubricating oils, lower limits on water content, sulphur limits aligned with the requirements of IMO and the viscosity classification and specification of residual fuels changed from 100 degrees C to 50 degrees C. Additional informative annexes give advice about the precision and interpretation of test results, about sodium and vanadium in fuels, about used lubricating oil and about acidity.

However, it must be emphasised that this is simply a working draft and that any of the proposed changes could be altered or even deleted in the course of progression to a new edition of ISO 8217.

This draft will be submitted shortly to ISO/TC 28 Sub Committee 4, the parent committee for WG6. Subject to approval by SC 4, the revision should then be progressed through the ISO system. This involves two international circulations for comment voting upon, firstly as a Committee Draft and secondly as a Draft International Standard, with the need to resolve any issues or points that arise after each circulation. Finally it will be published as the latest edition of ISO 8217. Usually the total process takes from two to three years.