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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Argentina / Bahia Blanca - tariffs up-dates

INTERTANKO has been informed that entrance, light house, buoy and beacon dues have been made null and void, which means the USD 0.121 per NT levied so far is no longer applicable.

The dredging and toll dues for Bahia Blanca Bay, levied until 31.12.2000, which amount to USD 0.28 per mt of cargo loaded/discharged and/or transhipped, have been reduced from 01.01.2001 to USD 0.26 per 1000 kgs of cargo loaded/unloaded and/or transhipped within the jurisdiction of the the Bahia Blanca Bay.

Source: Agencia Maritima Silversea SA., Buenos Aires


China - 20% “near trade surcharge” on port charges

We have been informed that a 20% surcharge was implemented in 1997.  The surcharge applies only to laden ships trading between China and Far East Asian countries such as Hongkong, Macau, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Russia (Pacific Coast).  The surcharge applies to all Chinese ports but may be cancelled in the near future.

Sources: Gulf Agency Company (Hong Kong) Ltd./Worldscale Association (London) Limited, London


Iran/Kharg Island and Bandar Mahshahr – new tariff for marine services costs up 13%

For the Iranian year 1380, (21.03.2001 to 21.03.2002), the Marine Services Tariff is as follows:


a.  Tug Services based on vessel’s NRT:

1. Up to 20,000 NRT                                 USD 6,140.79

2. Over 20,000 NRT for every 100 tons    USD      23.58

    In excess of 20,000 NRT

b.  Pilot Services:

For each berthing-unberthing               USD 3,079.25

c.  Standby Tug services on hourly basis

For each hour                                        USD 1,637.37

d.  Motor boat services:

On hourly basis                                 USD    229.02

Due to the fluctuation in the exchange rate the equivalent amount of the above tariff in Irian Rials is calculated on the basis of the bank exchange rate as per berthing date of the vessel.

Source: BlueCalm Marine Services, Tehran


Panama – launch tariff revision (Advisory No. A-27-2001)

The tariff rates for launch services that apply to both flat fee services and the hourly (time based) services have been revised in order to properly recover increased costs.

Effective 1 May 2001 the tariff rates for launch services for flat fee services and hourly services have been from USD 100 to USD 160.

Copies of all advisories are available in the Panama Canal web site at

Source: Panama Canal Authority, Panama