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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Egypt/El Dekhila - operations at new jetty

The Middle East Oil Tankerage and Pipelines (MIDTAP) new marine jetty at the port of El Dekheila started operations last week.  The first vessel called at the new jetty on April 23 to load gasoline.

Details of the jetty are as follows:

- Berth Position: MIDTAP Jetty numbers: (91/A), (91/B) and (91/C)

- Operator: MIDTAP

- Suppliers: MIDOR (The Middle-East Oil Refining Company)

- Minimum  Depth Berth Approaches: 16.0 metres

- Depth On Berths: 13.6 metres - Oil Berth

- Maximum Draught Alongside: 12.2 metres - Oil Berths

- Maximum Summer Deadweight: 50,000 DWT - Oil Berths:

- Maximum Length Overall (L.O.A.): 190.0 metres - West Oil Berth: 230.0 metres - East Oil Berth:

- Maximum Beam: 20.0  metres

- Maximum Bow to Centre Manifold: 120.0 metres

- Maximum Stern to Centre Manifold: 110.0 metres

- Obstruction (Bridge or Overhead Cables): NO

- Maximum Ballast Facilities: 7,500 tons @ USD 0.5/ton

- Products Handled:

       (A) Gasoline, both kinds: (92) and (95);

       (B) Kerosene;

       (C) Diesel Oil

The MIDTAP jetty is 7 km west of Alexandria Port by sea (10 km y road). It receives refined products from the MIDOR refinery at the Amrya General Free Zone, 29 km west of Alexandria.

Source: Gulf Agency Co. (Egypt) Ltd., Alexandria


Iran/Bandar Abbas - security at Bandar Abbas Anchorage

Members are requested to inform their Masters that when calling Bandar Abbas the instruction below should be followed.


The following instruction has been issued by Ports and Shipping Organisations, Iran, dated: 25/04/01

In order to prevent suspected boats from moving around vessels and provide security at anchorage, masters of vessels under your agency are to inform Bandar Abbas (Shad Rejaei) port control of any suspected boat(s) moving around the vessel immediately upon arrival, to stay at Bandar Abbas anchorage and furthermore seriously avoid buying or selling of goods at anchorage illegally.

Violators are warned of legal actions in case of observation.


Source: BlueCalm Marine Service,Tehran

Qatar – 3D seismic activity north-north east of Qatar

Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Co. Ltd. (RASGAS) will commence a 3D seismic programme on or about 25 May 2001.

A seismic vessel towing seven 3,600 metre telemetry cables and one 5,000 metre telemetry cable will be collecting data through the area designated by the following coordinates north-north east of Qatar.

Grid Area:

27 12 17 North - 50 55 16 East / 27 11 21 North - 53 05 18 East

25 06 04 North - 50 55 21 East / 25 05 13 North - 53 03 04 East

Plot of the survey area is shown as:

26 degrees 40.2271' North - 51 degrees 49.4479' East /

26 degrees 46.3974' North - 51 degrees 56.0921' East

26 degrees 33.3087' North - 52 degrees 12.1351' East / 

26 degrees 22.2667' North - 52 degrees 24.4019' East

26 degrees 16.1777' North - 52 degrees 19.0458' East

The seismic vessel will be accompanied by two support vessels and will operate in the area for approximately 80 days. RASGAS advises all mariners to take due regard of this operation and avoid interference with the vessels. RASGAS assumes no responsibility for any associated damage or loss following this announcement.

Source: Gulf Agency Company/Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Co. Ltd. (RASGAS), Qatar