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Friday, September 21, 2018


Italy – INTERTANKO strikes against discriminatory agency tariffs

INTERTANKO has sent a request to FEDERAGENTI (The Federation of National Maritime Agents) in Rome to argue against the current application of agency tariffs in Italian ports.  A higher tariff is being charged to non-Italian vessels despite proper funds being available “in the Italian territory” as required by the relevant regulation.

We will keep our members informed as further information becomes available.

Source: Protected

Russia/Novorossiysk – Fire Guard

We reiterate that Fire Guard shall only be paid once per call, even if the vessel has had to shift to anchorage and later back to berth due to bad weather.  Anchorages 410, 415 and 416 (the latter being the only one suitable for Panamax or larger) are technically outside port limits, but the vessel shall nevertheless not pay twice unless she has been formally cleared outbound.  An exception is when an official Gale Warning has been issued, in which case the tariff is doubled.  Saturdays/Sundays and Holidays give rise to a 50% surcharge.

Source: Gulf Agency Company (Novorossiysk) C.J.S.C., Novorossiysk