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Monday, September 24, 2018


“On January 18, 2001 DNV Petroleum Services alerted all customers to the occurrence of high CCAI deliveries in Cartagena. Not surprisingly over 50% of the deliveries also exceeded the density limit. Since this initial alert DNVPS has tested over 30 bunkerings, of which 70% exceeded a CCAI level of 860, and 33% exceeded 865 CCAI with one delivery at 883 CCAI.  In addition, 48% of the high CCAI deliveries also exceeded the density limit. As observed in the initial alert most of the high CCAI fuels had viscosities below 150 cSt, and as low as 36 cSt.

As noted in the initial alert CCAI is not a marine fuel specification parameter. However it is recognised as an indicator of ignition quality. Certain medium speed engines, particularly some older engines, may encounter operational problems when burning high CCAI fuels.

Any operator of a critical medium speed diesel engine should take note of the continuing incidence of high density, low viscosity, high CCAI fuel deliveries in this port.”

This bunker alert is copied with the kind permission of DNVPS. If you need further information or technical assistance, please contact your nearest DNVPS Regional Office. Visit the DNVPS web site for further information