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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


With growing concern regarding the possibility of international legislation for ballast water treatment entering into force in the next 3 years, the European Commission has funded a project which sets out to establish the viability of alternative treatment methods to ballast water exchange.

Given our previous work on the ballast water issue, INTERTANKO has been invited to join the project and advise on the methods from an operator’s perspective and to consult with the researchers on the practicality and eventual possibility of incorporating the treatment equipment on board ships. The first meeting of the group, which includes research academies, class societies, ship designers, biologists and engineers, took place at the beginning of this week in Brussels. Attended by representatives from the Commission (both DG TREN and DG ENV), the meeting has laid down the foundation for this 36-month project.

INTERTANKO’s Environmental sub-Committee will be active in providing much of the input required by the project with updates on the progress and outcome of the work given on a special website (address to be given) and also via information in the Weekly News. Members who have already had experience with alternative technologies are requested to provide their feedback and evaluation of the system to Tim Wilkins, who will then pass on this information to the project co-ordinators.

In the meantime, more information on the project can be received  from  Tim Wilkins on e-mail