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Saturday, October 20, 2018


Italy – single hull ban gone for good?

The Italian Environment Minister, the rigorous promoter of the immediate ban of single-hulled tankers in nearly all Italian ports has, in common with the Transport Minister, not kept his job after the recent election.  We understand it is unlikely that the new Environment Minister will pursue the project.

INTERTANKO will retain contact with its Italian sources and report on fresh developments.

BANIAS, Syria– reply received on the issue of abusive treatment of crew

We are pleased to inform that Shipco, Lattakia, the state agent, has responded to INTERTANKO’s request, as referred to in Weekly News No. 20/01, i.e. last week. 

According to Shipco, the issue will  be “handled quickest possible with the concerned authorities through the Ministry of Transport.  Persons in charge will be punished and we shall not fail to inform you about results in due time”.

INTERTANKO will monitor developments and keep members updated.  Members with supplementary information are encouraged to contact Gunnar Knudsen on e-mail

Source: Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Transport Shipping Agencies company, Lattakia