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Sunday, October 21, 2018


Iran – Marine Services tariff for mooring/unmooring of tankers

The marine services tariff of vessels calling at the listed ports under the control of “Iranian Offshore Oil Company” - Kharg, Lavan, Sirri and Bahregan - for berthing/unberthing shall be paid in US Dollars. The amount should be credited to account No. 140191 of Bank Mellat, Hejrat Branch in favour of Iranian Offshore Oil Company and the payment slip must be presented in order to berth the ship.

Tug services costs are based on vessels’ NT as follows:


Pilot services for each berthing/unberthing

USD 3,079.25


Tug services up to 20,000 NT

USD 6,140.79


Pilotage and tugs services for each berthing/unberthing up to 20,000 NT

USD 9,220.04


Tug services over 20,000 NT for every 100 tons in excess of 20,000 NT

USD   23.58


Standby tug services on hourly basis

USD 1,637.37


Motor boat services on hourly basis

USD  229.02

Source: BlueCalm Marine Services, Tehran