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Friday, October 19, 2018


Korea – increase of port handling charges

Korean port handling charges will rise by five percent from 07 June 2001. The authorities say that the rise is due to an increase of about eleven percent in leased port facilities this year.

Source: Fairplay 05 June 2001

Russia/Novorossiysk – a new drastic increase of towage charges is expected

Further to the drastic increase of towage charges advised in our Weekly NEWS of 12 January 2001, the Novorossiysk tug owners have applied to the Government to implement still higher tug charges. After quick reaction by i.a. UTEP Maritime Agency Ltd. implementation of the increase has now been delayed until the end of June.

UTEP has addressed the Ministry for Antimonopolistic Policy of Russia, the Krasnodar Regional Antimonopoly Committee and the Marine Traffic Centre, St. Petersburg and requested a meeting on 27 June. The Association of Russian Ship Owners is also invited to attend the meeting.

INTERTANKO will keep its members advised of further developments. Questions related to this issue can be directed to

Source: UTEP Maritime Agency Ltd., Novorossiysk