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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


  • Russia/Novorossiysk – tug tariff rates
  • Venezuela/Maracaibo – bar toll charges
  • Venezuela/Puerto la Cruz – new slop discharging tariff
  • Russia/Novorossiysk – tug tariff rates

    Further to article in Weekly NEWS No. 23 dated 08 June 2001, details of the tug tariff rates presently in force for “Sheskharis” NCSP Oil Terminal and CPC-R at Novorossiysk are now also available at INTERTANKO by contacting

    Provider of tariffs: Gulf Agency Company (Novorossiysk) CJSC

    Venezuela/Maracaibo – bar toll charges

    As per official Gazette No.37.200 dated May 18th, 2001 the bar toll charges for hydrocarbons are as follows:

    USD.0.1912 for each 0.15899 cubic meter (One US barrel of 42 US gallons)

    Source: Gulf Agency Company Hot Port News

    Venezuela/Puerto la Cruz – new slop discharging tariff

    New slop discharging tariff at Puerto la Cruz (Guaraguao) terminal was implemented as from 10 June 2001.  New tariff rate: USD 2.00/MT (+14.5% VAT) = USD 2.29/MT).

    There are two open sky lagoons: Guaraguao with a capacity of 2,000 MT and El Chaure of 6,000 MT.  Following are the requirements:

    1. Final acceptance depends on capacity available at the moment.
    2. No slops containing products will be received (with exception of some gas oils) including slops containing hydrocarbons with high sulphur contents, and slops containing chemical products.

    Source: Lyondell-Citgo Refining Company Ltd., Houston/Agemar CA, Caracas; Vinodol, C.A.., Maracaibo