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Monday, October 15, 2018


The re-formatted INTERTANKO Standard Inspection Form is now available for additional comments by 1 July 2001.

The purpose is to provide feedback that can be used in a statistical format to assist INTERTANKO with ongoing discussions with Port State Control, oil majors and vetting establishments such as CDI and SIRE. Part 1 of the questionnaire relates to Commercial Vetting Inspections and Part 2 relates to Port State Control inspections. Comments received from the INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum have been incorporated. However we are circulating the revised form to the membership for further comments (if any).

The aim is to introduce the form as of 1 July 2001 for universal use within the membership.  We would therefore appreciate to receive any additional comments before 1 July when the form will be become effective.

Click here to download the re-formatted INTERTANKO Standard Inspection Form

For further information or comments, please contact Capt Howard Snaith on e-mail