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Saturday, September 22, 2018


India/Visakhapatanam – new service tax

We have been informed that a 5% service tax will be collected on all port services as from 1 July 2001.

Source: GAC Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd.(Cochin)

India/Visakhapatanam – revised tariffs

New cargo related charges have already come into effect from 4 June 2001, whilst the revised vessel related charges will be effective 30 days from notification, i.e. 4 July 2001.  For details of the new tarrif kindly contact the Ports and Terminals Section on e-mail

Source: GAC Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd., Vishakapatanam

Kuwait – berthing charges cancelled

The Kuwait Port Authority announces that berthing charges (tug dues) have been cancelled with effect from 01 April 2001.

Source: GAC Hot Port News/Gulf Agency Company (Kuwait) Ltd., Safat

USA/St. Lucia, Virgin Islands – port costs

The following charges are recently reported as being effective from 01 January 2001:


Loading/discharging:  USD 1,250/1,500.


1/ Pilotage:  The vessel’s deepest draught at the time of docking calculated to the nearest foot at the rate of USD 25.00/foot, minimum USD 1,200.

In the event that the pilot is on St. Lucia at the notification’s date of the vessel’s arrival and the vessel is delayed, an additional USD 500/day will be charged.

2/ Tug service:  Tug service is mandatory and is calculated to the nearest foot as follows based on the vessel’s LOA found in the tanker register:
Under 400 feet:  LOA x Beam x Moulded depth x 0.0036.

Over   400 feet:  LOA x Beam x Moulded depth x 0.0028.

Minimum charge USD 3,000.00.

3/ Line handling:

Up to 100,000 DWT:  USD 300.00.

Over  100,000 DWT:  USD 450.00.

4/ Admission fee USD 300.00.

Source:  Tsakos Shipping and Trading S.A., P. Faliro/Cul-de-Sac Agencies Limited


Venezuela/Puerto La Cruz – new slops tariffs

As from 10 June 2001 new cost for discharging slops at the PDVSA Terminal will be USD 2.29/MT.

Discharging is subject to acceptance by the terminal, and will depend on the following:

1/ Available capacity.

2/ Slops containing white products, high content of sulphur or chemical products will not be accepted.

3/ At berths Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 the pit capacity is 2,000 MT.

4/ At berth No. 6 the capacity is 6,000 MT.

Source: Lyondell-Citgo Refining Company Ltd., Houston


Vietnam – tonnage dues

Vietnam’s Financial Ministry advises that with effect from 01 July 2001 the following dues will be charged:

1/ Tonnage dues:

Entering USD 0.085/GT.

Leaving  USD 0.085/GT.

2/ Navigation aid dues:

Entering/leaving  area 1 and 3 USD 0.24/GT, area 2 USD 0.18/GT.  See Note *)


With effect from 01 January 2002 the tonnage dues and navigation fees will be reduced again (charges at 85% of the stipulation).  Other items remain unchanged.


Area 1: Ports located in the area from parallel 20 and northward.

Area 2: Ports located in the area from parallel 11.5 to parallel 20.

Area 3: Ports located in the area from parallel 11.5 and southward.

Source: GAC Hot Port News