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Thursday, October 18, 2018


  • Is concern for the navigational safety at Novorossiysk unfounded?
  • USA/Brownsville – draught reduction
  • Is concern for the navigational safety at Novorossiysk unfounded?

    As reported in Weekly NEWS No 24/2001, the licence for the Novo Maritime Pilots associated within the RMPA was denied renewal by the port authorities from 1 May 2001.  Early in this de-privatisation process INTERTANKO took an initiative to request the Russian authorities to order an end to the de-privatisation of pilotage.

    Since the authorities’ drive to create state employed pilots with Novorossiysk as a ‘test port’ started over a year ago, INTERTANKO has voiced concern for the navigational safety while under pilotage and the breach of free competition to offer pilot services.

    To date only 150,000 dwt tankers have been handled at Novorossiysk allegedly due to Bosphorus transit restrictions.  Since the authorities now consider to increase the limit to 250,000 dwt (see article under PORT NEWS) and that several incidents/accidents have taken place at this port over the last year or so, INTERTANKO will take a new initiative to have the authorities guaranteeing the quality of pilotage at Novorossiysk.

    As the situation has escalated with the result of banning professional pilots from work at the port, INTERTANKO will, without prejudice, direct a strong request to the top political echelon to be proactive and amend the situation at Novorossiysk before a serious accident happens, which in the worst case may cause loss of lives and/or serious ecological damage.

    INTERTANKO requests national and international oil companies operating in the area to support INTERTANKO by approaching top politicians voicing concern for the safety at Novorossiysk. INTERTANKO members are requested to report all incidents to the Association without delay.  Any inquiries can be directed to Capt. Digre


    USA/Brownsville – draught reduction

    Following information dated 25 June 2001 has been received from the Brazos Pilot Association concerning Brazos River Navigation District:

    “The Brazos Pilots Association is reducing the maximum recommended operating draught to forty (40’) fresh water with tide available due to shoaling of Entrance and Jetty Channel.

    This information will be forwarded to channel users for vessels loading for Freeport.  This recommendation is applicable to the Federal Channel only and does not indicate depths alongside terminal berths.  Vessels should load accordingly for under keel clearance requirements and tide availability.

    The Brazos Pilots Association requests timely notification of anticipated arrivals or departures of deep draft vessels with minimal under keel clearance.  Estimated time of arrival for a hopper dredge is 10-12 July 2001.

    The Brazos Pilots stand committed to the safe and efficient service provided to the vessels utilizing Brazos River Harbor Navigation District Docks.”

    Source: Moran-Gulf Shipping Agencies, Houston; RioMar Agencies, Houston