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Thursday, September 20, 2018


  • Japan/Tokyo – tanker restrictions to be relaxed
  • ALERT! - Kenya/Mombassa – beware of thieves
  • Russia/Novorossiysk – planned increase of DWT restrictions
  • UAE – bans ships flying flags from ten countries
  • Japan/Tokyo – tanker restrictions to be relaxed

    Japan is close to easing Tokyo Bay’s famous tanker restrictions for double-hull VLCCs up to 315,000 DWT.  The Japanese Coast Guard is leading a range of other regulatory reforms to ease the navigational dangers in some of the world’s busiest waters. There has been no formal application for this lifting of the tonnage ceiling.  However, the proposal has already successfully cleared one year of consultations in a committee comprising Tokyo Bay Maritime Safety Associations.

    Source:  GAC Hot Port News/Shipping and Trade News

    ALERT! - Kenya/Mombassa – beware of thieves

    An INTERTANKO member has reported that mooring ropes have been cut and stolen while moored at the COT berth.  Requested assistance by the Port Police was not taken seriously and arrived too late to prevent the thieves departing with their loot. INTERTANKO has sent a request to the Port of Mombassa for immediate attention to port safety issues including enhanced efficiency of the Port Police and access by unauthorised persons.  No reply has been received to date. Members are well advised to reinforce their night watch in this port until proper port safety has been secured.

    Russia/Novorossiysk – planned increase of DWT restrictions

    Novorossiysk oil installation announces that they are seriously considering commencing loading up to 250,000 DWT tankers at berth No. 1.  To date only 150,000 DWT tankers have been handled allegedly due to Bosporus transit restrictions.

    Source: Gulf Agency Company (Novorossiysk) CJSC

    UAE – bans ships flying flags from ten countries

    Ships carrying the flags of ten countries have been banned from entering UAE ports or approaching the country’s territorial waters, as part of the UAE’s efforts to prevent maritime pollution.

    The countries covered by the ban are: Albania, Belize, Bolivia, Cambodia, Comoro Islands, Georgia, Honduras, Maldives, Mauritius and Saint Vincent and Grenadines

    The Cabinet decision stated that ships flying these flags were banned from entering UAE ports, anchorage areas, territorial waters and the country’s economic zone unless they carry valid classification certificates issued by IACS.  INTERTANKO’s members should consequently have nothing to fear from this new regulation.

    INTERTANKO’s further inquiry into the issue has revealed that the Coast Guard have received no instructions on how to handle ships under the mentioned flags.  The Ministry of Communications will leave it up to the respective Port Authority to police this action.  Therefore we cannot see that vessels under IACS class should have problems.

    Dubai has announced implementation on 1 July 2001 and INTERTANKO is checking whether this will apply also to other UAE ports.

    Dubai requires ships stemmed for Dubai ports, in addition to IACS class, to be operated in accordance with International and National regulations.  These comprise SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW and Loadline, plus UAE Federal Environmental Law.  All vessels above 20,000 DWT must, without exemption, be equipped with an Inert Gas system.

    Sources: Gulf Agency Company Ltd., Dubai and Fujairah