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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


The report summarizes the PSC activities in the Asian Region and highlights one of the principle developments namely the increase of the annual target inspection rate of ships from 50% to 75%.

Tokyo MoU has recently published its Annual Report for the year 2000. The report summarizes the Port State Control activities in the Asian Region for the elimination of substandard shipping and the protection of marine environment. One of the principal developments last year was the increase in the annual target inspection rate of the ships visiting the region from 50% to 75%. Other important developments were the adoption of quality criteria for membership of the MoU, the establishment of a new information system and the establishment of a new fellowship-training programme.

Tokyo MoU also established an inter-sessional group to study the possibility of developing a ship targeting system taking into account the existing systems of USCG and Paris MoU. Tokyo MoU has also announced the undertaking of a concentrated inspection campaign on the ISM compliance during the period July-September 2002. A similar campaign will take place in the Paris MoU region.

During 2000, Tokyo MoU inspected 16,034 ships amounting to 65% of the total number of vessels visiting the region. This is the highest number of vessels ever inspected in that region. Compared to 1999, a small increase was observed in the number of inspected tankers (from 1562 to 1666). In terms of vessels inspected, Japan, Australia and Republic of Korea were by far the largest contributors.

The total number of vessels detained in 2000 was 1,101, representing 6.87% of vessels inspected. This was the lowest detention/inspection rate of the last three years (7,2% in 1999 and 7,3% in 1998). The detention/inspection ratio of 5,1% for tankers was similar to previous year (5,0% in 1999 and 5,4% in 1998) and was lower than the 3-year rolling average detention ratio for all types of ships (7,11 %).

Korea (Democratic People’s Republic), Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Belize were the five flag administrations with the worst detention/inspection rate in 2000. INTERTANKO members who wish to receive a full copy of the Annual Report 2000 may visit Tokyo’s MOU web site at or send an e-mail to Thoedore Pleassas: