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Sunday, October 21, 2018


Iranian Government reacts against MENAS dues in the Gulf

INTERTANKO has taken an initiative to communicate with the Government of Iran to explain why and how the MENAS dues function. The following message has been sent to the Government:


On 20 June 2001 INTERTANKO received a copy of Circular No. 9033/51/17678 dated 19 June 2001 issued by the Ministry of Road and Transportation concerning MENAS dues in the Gulf. In order to clarify, and for your guidance only, INTERTANKO would like to comment as follows:

MENAS does not charge for calls at Iranian ports. MENAS dues are based upon passage through the international waters of the Gulf, which is where MENAS' major aids, assisted by the MENAS Gulf-wide maritime aids, give cover to the entire Gulf and its approaches.

The navigational aids provided and maintained by MENAS are still another means to ensure the safety of navigation and to minimise the risk of oil pollution. This is beneficial also to all the countries that have a shoreline facing the Gulf.

INTERTANKO supports MENAS' vital provision of maritime aids and their maintenance in the international waters of the Gulf, which are of vital importance to INTERTANKO members' tankers sailing in the Gulf.