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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


The Conference was attended by 170 delegates from 36 countries and six international organisations including INTERTANKO and ITF. The majority of the participants were from the law enforcement and government agencies in Asia.

In his presentation, Mr Alan Chan, Chairman of Petroships and INTERTANKO member, highlighted the major impediment in tackling the issue of piracy and armed robbery, particularly in South-East Asia, i.e. the lack of regional cooperation and concerted effort among regional governments. He reiterated that joint patrols and border-crossing are two necessary and appropriate measures if we are to see a progression towards preventing and combating incidents of piracy and armed robbery at sea, particularly in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

Deliberations also centred around how piracy and armed robbery should be defined, as well as how IMB statistics should be presented in order to reflect a better understanding of the varying degrees of attacks and exact positions of the incidents. Whilst some of the speakers focused on statistics and definitions, other speakers, including Jon Whitlow from the ITF and Reverend Peter Ellis, Senior Chaplain of The Mission to Seafarers in Hong Kong, discussed the physical and psychological harm to seafarers. The conference also expressed concern over recent incidents of piracy where the crew had been taken hostage and pirates had demanded ransom from shipowners.

Conference delegates also witnessed an anti-terrorist and anti-piracy demonstration at Port Klang hosted by the Malaysian Maritime Agencies.

Before the end of the conference, delegates were given a case study and were grouped into three: a) law enforcement, b) government agencies and navies, c) industry. The groups were prompted to give recommendations, suggest solutions and a plan of action. A summary of the deliberations was thereafter reported to the conference. INTERTANKO chaired the industry group deliberation and there was a clear consensus within the group that the solutions rest with the governments, and that an effective response could not be achieved without mutual coordination and cooperation among States, their maritime police authorities and coast guard agencies in the region. A legal framework within governments is also vital to facilitate and enhance effective prosecution. In addition to what was recommended by the industry group, INTERTANKO also cited the recommendations to governments and piracy statement as approved by the Council in its meeting in Sydney in April 2001. Please click here to view the INTERTANKO Piracy Statement

The IMB Piracy Centre is based in Kuala Lumpur, and posts a weekly world piracy status report on its website The Piracy Centre is financed by voluntary contributions from shipping companies and P & I associations. IMB is part of the Commercial Crime Services, a division of the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce.

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