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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Australia – compulsory insurance requirements

On the 6 April 2001 a new requirement came into effect for vessels in excess of 400 GT carrying oil as cargo or bunkers to carry a “relevant insurance certificate” when visiting an Australian port.  The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has issued marine notice 3/2001 informing of the implementation.

The amendment to the Protection of the Sea (Civil Liability) Act 1981 provides that the following information must be included in the certificate:

* The name of the ship;

* The name of the owner;

* The name and business address of the person who is providing insurance or other financial security in respect of the ship to cover the liability of the ship’s owner for pollution damage;

* The commencement date of the insurance coverage;

* The amount of cover provided under the insurance or other financial security, which must be no less than the limit of any liability applicable under relevant international law.

A period of grace of six months will be applied before full enforcement.

Source: Inchcape Shipping Services, Chatswood/London

Nigeria – ports will be privatised

The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) will be privatised.  “The NPA’s operations, services and structures will be sold as a matter of privatisation policy,” the Nigerian transport minister is reported as saying.  What remains will be an organisation purely exercising the regulatory functions of NPA, to maintain high standard shipping practices.  The government is said to be keen to increase productivity at its ports by improving the professionalism of the port labour force.

The NPA operates eight major ports in Nigeria with 126 berths, including 18 for dry cargo and liquid bulk.  Between them, they account for 99% of the country’s 63m tonnes international trade by volume.

Source: Fairplay Daily News

Nigeria – vetting of tankers reintroduced

The suspended National Maritime Authority (NMA) vetting/tanker inspection is to be reintroduced, probably by October 2001.

The inspection will be carried out, on behalf of the NMA, by Intercontinental Inspection Services Ltd., Phone: +234-1-2616216, fax: +234-1-2611766.

Tankers may be inspected anywhere in the world with the owner’s permission, or in Nigerian territorial waters for a fee of USD 5,000. 

Vessels found to be in order will receive an NMA certificate of compliance valid for one year.

An official announcement by the NMA has yet to be made, therefore INTERTANKO will consider whatever action is necessary.

Source: Gulf Agency Company Ltd. 

Spain/Tenerife – charges and dues on SBT tankers

Since our article in Weekly NEWS No. 48/2000 INTERTANKO has continued its correspondence with the European Community, who offered to assist in the implementation of SBT relief in pilotage dues in Tenerife, Spain.

We have just been informed that by letter of 19 June 2001 Spain replied to the Commission’s letter of 19 April 2001 informing that the Coorporacion de Practicos (Pilots Association) has admitted that the allowances provided for are not being applied.  In this respect, the Harbour Board has drawn up a proposal by the Council Administration of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port Authority to bring an action against the Pilots Association of that port.

Furthermore Spain points out that there is no record in the correspondence of the Tenerife Port Authority of any complaints made before this one on the matter raised by the Commission, and they reassure the Commission that if that had been the case, sanctions would have been taken against the Pilots Association before.

Finally, Spain informs the Commission that with the measures adopted by the Port Authority this matter will soon be resolved.

INTERTANKO hopes that the above information will clarify the situation regarding the Port of Tenerife, and urges all members to report their future experiences from calls at the said port.

The Commission services will continue to monitor the implementation of the SBT Regulation in the European Union.

Source: European Commission, Brussels