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Thursday, October 18, 2018


We refer to the article in Weekly News No. 28, click here to view, regarding the European Commission’s plans to achieve greater use of short sea transport and reduce the use of road transport.

The French and Italian authorities have agreed to impose severe restrictions on the access of heavy lorries to the Mont-Blanc tunnel, due to be re-opened at the beginning of November 2001. Lorries of more than 2.55 metres in length and 4.05 metres high will be forbidden, which in practice will eliminate nearly all refrigerated lorries, those carrying dangerous good and those causing the most pollution. This agreement will be followed by the introduction of a penalising toll on heavy goods traffic. These measures should result in a decrease of 25-30% in traffic.

Presumably the main beneficiary of this particular decision will be the railways, but other measures elsewhere may in the long run benefit short sea transport.