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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


We refer to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 27/2001 which contained the agenda for the Communications and PR Committee (CPR) meeting and where we invited comments/ideas from the membership.  Subsequent to a discussion to improve internal communications, the CPR recommended that the agenda and summary of INTERTANKO Council and Committee meetings and Regional Panels be included as a regular feature in the Weekly NEWS.   Members and Associate Members are encouraged to put forward their ideas for future committee meetings to the respective Committee Secretaries.

The agenda for the CPR was structured into five workshops to provide an interactive forum for gathering ideas.  The meeting discussed how to maintain, improve and develop internal and external communications and focused on the current principal communication tools, namely the web site, Weekly NEWS, Annual Report, Tanker Facts and Briefing Notes, the TANKER Newsletter, Image Library, and the forthcoming Rotterdam Tanker Event.  During the meeting the Committee also addressed the PR benefit of two issues tabled by the Environmental Sub-committee (ESC) which had the potential of not only enhancing the profile of INTERTANKO but also the work of the ESC.  

A detailed report from the meeting is available on request, please contact Sally Woulfe