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Saturday, October 20, 2018


Argentina/Necochea – calculation of port permanence dues plus dredging and toll dues

According to a memorandum issued by the Port Authority of Necochea/Quequen, port permanence dues will be calculated as follows:

Until 22 July at 2400 hours USD 0.252 per NT and day. From 23 July at 0001 hours the charge of USD 0.164 per NT and day will apply.

In addition, the following dredging and toll dues will apply from 23 July at 0001 hours local time, irrespective of vessels arriving and/or sailing:

USD 0.26 per mt for 1,000 kgs loaded/discharged and/or transhipped multiplied by:

1 for up to 32’00” S.B.W. sailing draught

1.15 for up to 37’00” S.B.W. sailing draught

1.30 exceeding sailing draught of 37’00” S.B.W.

The Port Authority will levy the new tariffs from 23 July 0001 hours on all ships berthed in the port, regardless of the fact that the vessel might have entered/berthed in a previous week. In this case vessels will be charged the port permanence dues until 22 July 2400 hours at USD 0.252 per NT and day. Thereafter, on 23 July 0001 hours the new tariff will apply of USD 0.164 per NT or pro rata for part thereof, and day or pro rata for part thereof plus the dredging toll dues at USD 0.26 per cargo mt of 1,000 kgs.

Please click here for more in depth explanation of the method of calculation. Source: Agencia Marítima Silversea S.A.

Korea/all ports – port charges to rise

Korea proposes to raise ‘port facility’ charges by five percent and at the same time introduce a graded levy system instead of the current flat fee. According to a statement issued 24 July 2001 by the Korea Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, the fee will be in the range of W130 (USD 0.10) to W135 per gross tonne. The charges are scheduled to come into force in October 2001.

Source: Fairplay

Philippines/Batangas – Marine service rates increase

Due to developments over the past four years, Marine service rates have been increased by 10 % with immediate effect.

The new rates quoted in PHP are as follows:

-          3,000 GT and below:           25,575.0

-          3,000 to 10,000 GT:               53,075.

_         10,000 to 45,000 GT:           57,750.0

-          45,000 to 90,000 GT:           60,500.00

-          over 90,000 GT:               62,975.00

Russia/Sheskharis – Fire-watch tariffs to increase

With effect from 1 August 2001, an increase will be applied to the fire-watch tariffs at Sheskharis oil terminal. Fire-watch charges will be calculated based on USD 0.012 per cubic metre instead of USD 0.010 per cubic metre as charged previously. As of 1 August 2001, the weekend overtime surcharge for fire-watch will be cancelled.

Source: GAC Novorossiysk