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Thursday, October 18, 2018


In Weekly NEWS No 27/2001 INTERTANKO informed of a bulletin issued by the UK P&I Club regarding the launching by the USCG of possible multiple inspections of foreign flag vessels to ascertain whether the Oily Water Separator (OWS) in the engine room is being used improperly or indeed is being bypassed.

We have subsequently examined tanker detentions in the USA during the period January to June 2001 regarding deficiencies in the Marine Pollution – MARPOL ANNEX I category including deficiencies in the oily water separating equipment.

Out of a total of 17 detained tankers, 7 detentions were attributed to deficiencies in the Pollution – MARPOL ANNEX I category.

Marine Pollution – MARPOL ANNEX I deficiencies have historically been one of the main reasons for tanker detentions worldwide.

For information on operational aspects, please contact Howard Snaith e-mail

For information on detention records, please contact Theodore Plessas e-mail

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