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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Mina Saud – Early Departure Procedure now in operation

Saudi Arabian Texaco Inc. have announced that they are adopting an Early Departure Procedure (EDP) for tankers calling at Mina Al Zour (Mina Saud). The procedure requires masters to sign a letter of authorisation to the port agents to sign the bills of lading and all cargo documents on the master’s behalf.

We would like to remind members of the following advice we have provided in other instances were an EDP has been introduced. The master’s authorisation to the agent should be limited to the signing and releasing of the bills of lading only, and be valid only when all details, including quantity/quality of cargo, have been approved by the master. If possible, agents should be required to fax a copy of the bills of lading for the master’s approval prior to utilising their authorisation to sign and release. Furthermore, the load port agents should be given the same general instructions as to the issuance of bills of lading as the master, such as the issuance of a letter of protest if there is a discrepancy between the shore and the ship’s figures.

It is understood that the procedure at Mina Saud is that the master will be given an original “discharge certificate” prior to departure and the rest of the documents will be faxed to the vessel for the master’s approval and signature. Whilst it is not clear whether this includes the draft bills of lading masters would be well advised to require this so that they can be thoroughly checked prior to the master confirming his approval of the agents signing them

Contact:  John Fawcett-Ellis