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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Further to our series of Weekly NEWS articles on mooring rope tails, we have received additional requests for clarification. Regarding oil major criteria for the life of mooring rope tails, we contacted OCIMF who have responded as follows:


The 18 month period  suggested [in the OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines, page 94, section 6.2.7] is a general guideline based on "average use" for "normal" tails. In some vessels, using the tails every day on rough ground or jetties will create abrasive handling damage in addition to any load stress damage, and may make replacement necessary every few months. A vessel that uses the tails 3 or 4 times a year, keeps the tails out of sunlight and in a clean, dry environment may be able to use them for a few years without any significant weakening factors becoming apparent.

Either option will conform with the OCIMF guidelines. In any case, but particularly if an extended period above the 18 months is planned, it would be prudent for the ship operator to have a clear policy on rope tail replacement established within the vessel's safety management system.

Parameters for assessment of the tail's condition and the experience and qualifications of the competent inspector (including a knowledge of the characteristics of the material the tail is made from) should be the minimum type of information within such a policy, along with records of periodical inspections and findings. 


Contact: Capt. Howard Snaith  

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