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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Further to our Weekly NEWS No 27/2001, we again draw your attention to the following. Recent examinations of foreign and US deep draught ships by the USCG have indicated that greater attention needs to be given to the examination of oily water separation equipment, bilge systems and oily waste storage.  The USCG is now carefully inspecting these systems, and ships should ensure the following:

* That the oily water separation equipment is operating in accordance with MARPOL

* That the three way valve or recirculating valve is operating properly

* That the bilge system is in accordance with approved plans

* That there is no excessive oil in the bilges

* That the oil record book is properly maintained and consistent with engine room logs and supported with receipts for shoreside discharges.

As the USCG has neither the time nor manpower to conduct the necessary extensive investigations if discrepancies are found, every effort should be made to ensure compliance, also to avoid the costs associated with the vessel being held in port.

Contact: Howard Snaith

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