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Sunday, October 21, 2018


Temporary V Consular Visa again in focus in Brazil

We refer to our Weekly NEWS articles published in 1999 and early 2000 which covered foreign crew members working on board foreign vessels under t/c to Petrobras and engaged in coastwise trade. We have received further information with developments on this issue.

Contact: Steinar Digre

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Pilot disputes continue in Russia and lead to strike

Further to our Weekly NEWS No. 26 of 29 June 2001 on pilot disputes in Russian ports, the Government of Russia published Decree No. 538 “On the Activity of Non-State Pilot Companies” on 1 August 2001.  According to this decree self-governed non-state pilot companies will not have their operating licences renewed for the following ports in Russia: Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg.

The Russian Maritime Pilots’ Association (RMPA) has objected to the decree and the de-privatisation of pilotage services arguing that it infringes the basic principles of the Constitution and the rights of Russian citizens.  The RMPA has initiated strike action in these ports as from 0600 hours on 7 August 2001 and also warned owners and operators of the safety implications as perceived by them.  INTERTANKO is monitoring the situation and will keep members advised on developments.

INTERTANKO’s view is that, regardless of which governing body organises and provides the pilot services, a quality safeguard must be in place based on established regulations/rules for the training and certification of pilots, including a continuous quality assessment of the service and of each individual pilot based on established international law and regulations.

Source:  Russian Maritime Pilots Association

Contact: Steinar Digre

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