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Monday, October 15, 2018


INTERTANKO has recently received several complaints from Members whose ships have experienced problems when calling Dortyol/Iskenderun and Ambarli/Istanbul in Turkey. It appears that the local port authority is imposing unjustified ‘fines’ ranging from USD 500 to USD 5000.

A representative example was when a vessel calls for the first time, entry will be permitted with a ‘fine’ of around USD 1,000 but with the threat that entry will be denied next time.  In the event of another vessel linked to the same company calling at Dortyol the ‘fine’ may even be greater and members should not expect any receipt against the payment.

The target appears to be vessels with a link to Cyprus and evidence of the Cyprus link may be as little as a logo on a boiler suit.

It is clear in Turkish law that ships owned in Cyprus, arriving from Cyprus, flying the Cyprus flag may not enter Turkish ports, except with special permission in emergencies. However, the Turkish authorities have also confirmed that ships not flying the Cyprus flag and not owned in Cyprus should not be hindered calling any Turkish ports. In other words, ships which are only managed from Cyprus should not be harassed.  From information INTERTANKO has received only Dortyol and Ambarli ports appear to be affected.

INTERTANKO would appreciate any feedback from members with similar experiences in order to further address the issue.

Contact: Dragos Rauta