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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


To enhance the service to our membership and disseminate information more effectively, each of the INTERTANKO Regional Manager is writing to their area contact inviting them to provide contact details for their ISM Designated Person Survey.  A form has been developed for this purpose.

Under the ISM Code, the Designated Person is responsible for the application of the Code on each of the company’s ships and hence is responsible for the safety management, pollution prevention and response procedures on board each vessel.

INTERTANKO’s aim by compiling a list of Designated Persons is to reach the correct focal point within each member company to provide current safety and pollution prevention information which may further enhance the performance of their fleet.  In the past  INTERTANKO Designated Contacts have proved to be successfully e.g. Designated Vetting, Chartering and press contacts.

The list of Designated Persons is being drawn up jointly with the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Ltd (ITOPF), who are also looking to establish contact with the ISM Designated Person. ITOPF aims to provide this contact with technical information on oil spill response and compensation procedures. This would mean that in the event of an incident, ITOPF could be available for consultation as the first point of contact to provide expert advice on spill response and mitigation.

Contact:  Tim Wilkins