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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Canada/Welland Canal – reopening after damaged bridge

The Welland Canal linking Lake Eire with Lake Ontario is expected to reopen Monday night 20 August after a ship collision with a bridge froze the traffic in the channel on 11 August.  Both south- and northbound ships were stuck on either side of the channel.

Source: Trade Winds

Egypt/Suez Canal – max. increased beam/draught for transit

As from 26 July 2001 vessels with a beam of up to 164 feet can transit the Canal with a draught of 62 feet.

For vessels with a beam of above 164 feet, please refer to the table provided by the source

Source: Leth Suez Transit, Oslo

Kuwait – amended fire wire requirement exceeding OCIMF

As per information received from Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), the new requirements are as follows:

1. Two fire wires should be positioned both on the offshore bow and quarter of the ship  at extreme ends forward and aft.

2. For vessels moored at SPMs, fire wires are to be rigged on the starboard side.

3. They should be properly made fast on the ship's bollards with the slack arranged on deck, ready for free running.

4. Means should be provided to prevent the slack from accidentally running into the water.  These means should be so arranged that the tugboat crew could easily break them.

5. The eyes should be maintained at the waterline and regularly checked and adjusted, as necessary, during operations.

6. Minimum length and diameter of fire wires are as follows:

- KDWT below 30: Diameter 28 mm; Length 70 mm

- KDWT 30-200: Diameter 38 mm; Length 110 mm

- KDWT over 200: Diameter 42 mm; Length 110 mm

The purpose of this notification is to inform members of the current revised practice. However, INTERTANKO will approach KOC and OCIMF in an effort to persuade KOC to remain with the current OCIMF recommendations, which the majority of the industry follows.  We will keep members advised via the weekly news of any further developments.

Source: Gulf Agency Hot Port News


Contact:  Capt. Howard Snaith or

              Capt. Steinar Kr. 

 Mexico/Dos Bocas – new harbour master clearance requirement

The harbour master has instituted new procedures to clear vessels inbound and outbound:

1/ Clearance can only be requested and granted Monday-Friday between 0800-1900 hours, and Saturday, Sunday and Holidays between 0900-1300 hours.

2/ All vessels must be cleared in prior to berthing.

It is expected that the new procedures will create additional launch expenses, delays in sailing and potentially double payment of port fees if the vessel is moved to another port to load after she was cleared in at Dos Bocas.

Source: Canega Shipping Services, Houston

Panama Canal – last blast at Gaillard Cut

The drilling and blasting programme at Gaillard Cut was completed on 4 June.  The excavation team will now remove the material.  At the moment 99.5% of the dry excavation is complete, and 90% of the wet excavation.

The Gaillard Cut Widening Programme comprises the widening of this narrow stretch from current metres to a minimum of 192 metres in the straight sections and 222 metres in the curves.

When the work is complete it will increase the sustainable operating capacity of the waterway and provide greater flexibility for transit scheduling.

Source:  Barwil Agencies S.A., Panama City