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Monday, October 15, 2018


End to an era of private pilot services in Russia?

Further to the report in Weekly NEWS No/34 of 24 August, all the four main ports (Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg) are now being serviced by pilots employed by the respective maritime administrations.  The majority of the previously self-employed pilots are now employed by the maritime administrations.  However 12 private pilots remain without employment due to a verbal order of abolition by the harbour master’s office, in spite of the RMPA licence being valid. Despite continued concerns over safety which may result from these changes, INTERTANKO welcomes the positive outcome from these negotiations.

RMPA still fears that the quality of the pilot service will deteriorate. However this may not be the result provided a proper quality assurance programme is quickly implemented, which has been previously strongly recommended by INTERTANKO.  To date INTERTANKO has no knowledge of such plans having been provided by the authorities.

Although RMPA expects that the de-privatisation in these four major ports will eventually lead to a complete abolition of private pilots in Russia, RMPA will maintain its functions, as most pilots have confirmed their personal membership in RMPA.

RMPA will continue talks with the representatives of the President of Russia to ensure employment on suitable terms for all their pilots.  RMPA also continues to preserve the high standard of pilotage performed by their pilots during the previous ten years but expresses doubts about the final outcome.

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Contact: Steinar

Source: The Russian Maritime Pilots’ Association, St. Petersburg