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Thursday, September 20, 2018


China/Jiangyin – terminal pipeline damaged in collision

A domestic tanker collided with the CNPC’s Liaohe Terminal on 13 September causing serious damage to pipelines.  The terminal will cease to receive cargo for at least one month.  Further news on developments will be issued as it becomes available.

Source: GAC Hot Port News

Italy/Genoa – sea tower operation interrupted

The Genoa Sea Tower for discharging crude oil is permanently out of work due to repair works estimated to last until 20 October.

Source: Hugo TrumpyGroup, Genoa

Mexico – new restricted areas for the Gulf of Mexico

New orders have been issued for restricted areas by sea and air:

Area A: Rectangle with coordinates N20.25.0 – N18.50.0 – W093.19.0 – W091.30.0.

Area M: Rectangle with coordinates N20.00.0 – N18.50.0 – W092.40.0 – W091.40.0.

Area R: A circle with radius 12 nautical miles from the centre of Cayo Arcas.

Areas of exclusion in which no traffic by air or sea will be permitted unless approved in advance for rig operations:

Area E-1:

  1. N19.40.0 W092.26.0
  2. N19.40.0 W091.53.0
  3. N19.00.0 W091.53.0
  4. N19.00.0 W092.25.0
  5. N19,53.0 W092.35.0
  6. N19.53.0 W092.44.0
  7. N19.05.0 W092.44.0
  8. N19.05.o W092.40.0
  9. N19.13.0 W092.40.0
  10. N19.13.0 W092.27.5

Area E-2:

  1. N20.15.0 W092.03.0
  2. N20.15.0 W091.52.0
  3. N20.07.0 W092.03.0
  4. N20.07.0 W091.52.0

Area E-3:

A circle with a radius of 3 nautical miles around Dos Bocas offshore SPMs with centre in position N18.37.5 W093.10.2.

Source: Canega Shipping Services, Houston

Ukraine/Odessa – irregularities reported at oil tanker berths

Irregularities in relation to safety and safety requirements, including an apparently unjustified ‘fire safety fee’ have been reported to INTERTANKO. We would appreciate further reports from members who have experienced similar irregularities at berths No. 1 and No. 5 at Odessa.

 USA/Houston – ship channel closure

USCG Vessel Traffic Service advises that the Houston Ship Channel will be closed for power line installation at Morgans Point.  To minimise the impact on vessels’ movements the proposed six-day closure will be broken into three two-day segments, each separated by a two-day period during which the channel will be available for unrestricted operations.

Closures will be run from 0900 to 1400 each day.  The first two-day closure will be 21 and 22 September.

Sources: G. M. Richards Enterprises Inc., Houston; Moran-Gulf Shipping Agency, Houston; U.S. Coast Guard, Houston

USA/Philadelphia – restrictions on upriver anchorages due to dredging

USCG has notified mariners of restrictions, established by a safety zone, that are being placed on upriver anchorages due to dredging operations in the Marcus Hook Ship Channel in effect from 18 September through 19 November 2001. The dredging operation will cause vessel traffic to be diverted through Marcus Hook Anchorage.

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Source: G. M. Richards Enterprises, Inc., Houston