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Thursday, September 20, 2018

‘THE TANKER STORY’ – do you want to be remembered as part of the tanker story for future generations?

The story of the tanker - from humble beginnings in the days of sail to modern leviathans each capable of carrying half a million tonnes of oil - is one dominated by sheer scale. INTERTANKO is to publish a new history book entitled 'A Century of Tankers' in November.  INTERTANKO would like to invite your company to be remembered as part of the tanker story for future generations.

While the ships grew in leaps and bounds to their latter-day huge proportions, the political, economic and commercial backgrounds were also vast. Tankers ran the gauntlet of two world wars, providing vital oil supplies at great cost to the lives of their crews and the ships themselves.

The first five chapters of 'A Century of Tankers' deal in chronological order with the economic, commercial and technical evolution of the oil tanker, from the discovery of oil in the US in the mid-19th century to the tanker market recovery at the end of the millennium.  Subsequent chapters examine in more detail some of the main issues behind that evolution, from oleaginous politics through the people who made or lost fortunes in tankers and the oil spills and disasters, to the technology behind the rise of the modern large tanker.

A separate chapter deals with the history and role of the independent sector's association, INTERTANKO.  In the final chapter leading industry figures look to the future with their thoughts on how the industry can meet the demand for safer, pollution-free and economic oil transportation. A wealth of statistics and facts about the industry is included in a set of appendices.

The INTERTANKO membership recently received an invitation to join the tanker story celebration by placing their ship's funnel or company logo in 'A Century of Tankers' and the response has been extremely positive.

Web link: Overview of INTERTANKO members and associate members who have already joined this tanker story celebration:

Printing will take place shortly and we would like to remind you that you still have the opportunity to include your ship's funnel/company logo in 'A Century of Tankers'.  This is an exceptional opportunity for your company to be remembered as part of the story of the tanker industry for future generations.

The price is USD 500 and you will also receive a complimentary leather bound copy of 'A Century of Tankers'.

Contact: Clarice Tan