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Saturday, September 22, 2018


IMO puts the finishing touches to the long awaited Convention on TBT based anti-fouling paints.

During five days of intense negotiations on some of the key issues which had to be resolved, the Diplomatic Conference produced a document that outlines the procedure for banning TBT and also a system for the banning of future harmful anti-fouling systems.

INTERTANKO participated in the Conference where the following key issues were resolved:

  • The ban dates for TBT have been set for 1 January 2003 (after which the application of TBT based anti-fouling paints is prohibited) and 1 January 2008 (after which the presence on ships of TBT based anti-fouling is prohibited). However, the 2003 deadline may be delayed as the Convention states that the prohibition of TBT based paint will be after 1 January 2003 or entry into force of the Convention, whichever is later. In this respect it is unlikely that the correct entry into force requirements (see below) will be met by 1 January 2003 and as a result the first prohibition date is expected to be delayed by a few months. For clarification however, it is recommended that the 2003 date be used as a target when planning future re-coats and newbuilding deliveries.
  • To comply with the fixed date of 2008 when the presence of TBT is prohibited, the option either of sealing the TBT coating or removal by blasting is given to the owner.
  • Entry into force requirements have been set which specify that the Convention will only enter into force when 25 States with a combined merchant fleet totalling more than 25% of the world’s gross tonnage have ratified it.

Click a further explanation of the outcome of the Conference and its implications.

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