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Monday, October 15, 2018

BUNKER ALERT - High sediment fuels in Cartagena, Colombia

Several heavy fuel oil samples recently received from bunkerings in Cartagena have sediment content exceeding the maximum level set in ISO 8217-1996 Fuel Specifications (0.10% m/m).  The sediment levels for these fuels were in the range of 0.26 to 0.31 % m/m TSP (Total Sediment Potential). Additional testing by the TSE (Total Sediment Existent) method confirmed high sediment content. Vessels receiving such fuels may experience increased sludge formation, filter plugging and other fuel handling problems.  If your ship recently bunkered in this area please ensure that the fuel quality is known before using it. If sludge is excessive, our normal recommendation is to decrease the time between sludge discharges and/or run two centrifuges in parallel with minimum throughput.

Source: DNV Petroleum Services