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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Business Council last week held its first International Transport Forum in Turkey. As part of the opening session, and addressing the Turkish Minister of Transport, INTERTANKO, represented by Tim Wilkins, spoke on the increasing need to ensure that environmental sustainability formed part of the region's industrial growth.

Drawing attention to the potential increase in traffic through the Bosphoros, INTERTANKO noted the need to enhance navigational safety and environmental protection in this important maritime thoroughfare. In emphasising the need to take into account the protection of the marine environment throughout the Black Sea region, INTERTANKO also noted the positive contribution that the establishment of Marine Environment Protection Associations (MEPAs) could make to environmental sustainability. Giving as an example the positive and proactive work that has already been carried out by organisations such as HELMEPA and TURMEPA, INTERTANKO stated that it was logical to extend this network into the Black Sea.

Contact: Tim Wilkins for information on INTERTANKO's environmental programme  or Dragos Rauta for information on initiatives in the Black Sea and the Bosphoros.