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Friday, October 19, 2018


On 30 October, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) convened a high level meeting with representatives of approximately thirty domestic and international maritime organisations to discuss issues related to US port security in the wake of the 11 September terrorist attacks. The USCG invited a wide range of the affected maritime industry, including ports and terminals, domestic and international shipping of all types, and US maritime labour. INTERTANKO was represented by Captain Dave Stanley of Universe Tankships and Jonathan Benner, INTERTANKO’s US legal representative.

The Vice Commandant of the USCG, Vice Admiral Thomas Collins and the Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety and Environmental Protection, Rear Admiral Paul Pluta, presided over the meeting. The agenda was wide-ranging, but was intended to provide an overview and update from the USCG on its efforts to secure the marine boundaries and facilities of the US, while at the same time to provide a channel for industry comment and suggestion on the various measures that have been put in place with unavoidable haste.

The full report is available on our web site.

The report concludes that the USCG has been confronted with substantial responsibilities following 11 September and has responded energetically. INTERTANKO members are encouraged to provide the Secretariat with suggestions or experiences that might be of value in assisting the USCG in meeting these requirements in ways that protect not only the security interests of the US, but that promote vessel and cargo safety as well. Several of the organisations present at this week's meeting made the point that effective security measures will in many cases require multi-national consensus and cooperation. The USCG has asked the maritime industry to participate in a collaborative spirit to improve existing security measures. INTERTANKO members are encouraged to assist constructively in responding to that request.

Contact: Svein Ringbakken