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Saturday, October 20, 2018


The Oceans Recovery Summit, held last week in Edinburgh, is part of the WWF's Oceans Recovery Campaign (ORCA). The Edinburgh Declaration on Oceans Recovery was launched with the aim of enhancing the stewardship of the seas and increasing the sustainable use of the marine environment with effective and sensible management.

As a long term supporter of clean seas, INTERTANKO signed the Declaration alongside other industry representatives such as P&O and Unilever. The Declaration itself notes the importance of the oceans in providing the world's greatest resource in nutrition, minerals, energy, livelihood and leisure. It is, however, more than a simple economic reserve and as such requires sensible and sustainable management strategies. The Declaration notes that the oceans are essential in regulating the climate and absorbing gases which contribute to climate change. WWF Chairman, Robert Napier, also emphasised the need to harmonise all the various marine pollution regulations, noting that there was too much legislation and regulation in this sector.

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Contact: Tim Wilkins for a copy of the Declaration.