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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Members are asked to consider using the VOCON Operational Procedure as a routine practice thereby contributing to a significant reduction in air pollution from cargo tanks during transportation. The operational procedures would also limit the extent of cargo loss and the impact of these gases/vapours as an air pollutant.

When transporting crude oils, particularly at the start of a loaded voyage, a large build-up of "gas" pressure can be registered on the Inert Gas pressure gauge either on the vessel's bridge or in the cargo control room. This increase in pressure prompts the vessel's command to instigate a controlled release of "gas" either through the vessel's Mast Riser or by opening one of the vessel's P/V Valves. Research studies carried out by INTERTANKO have revealed that the amounts of VOC emissions could be significantly limited by a simple and straightforward operational procedure. Basically, the VOCON Operational Procedure indicates when or at what pressure a manually controlled release should be stopped.

The INTERTANKO, Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC) has therefore developed this Operational Procedure. Members of INTERTANKO are invited to consider its implementation as a normal routine onboard their vessels, where the procedure requires no additional equipment other than that currently available onboard a tanker

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Contact: Dragos Rauta