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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Suspect Ballast Regulations in Ukrainian Ports

Following a number of cases regarding the alleged failure to meet ballast water regulations in Ukrainian ports, INTERTANKO advises members to take independent samples of ballast water prior to port state testing. This follows a request from the Ukrainian authorities to carry out ballast water exchange in deep sea prior to discharge in port, as per their environmental legislation. In assessing whether the vessel has performed ballast water exchange a sample is taken and tested for iron content. In a number of cases reported to INTERTANKO the vessel has been fined for exceeding the limits laid down by the Ukrainian ecological authorities even after ballast exchange has been completed as required. Fines in excess of USD10,000 have so far been imposed.

Some members have sought independent analysis from laboratories outside of the Ukraine. These have revealed iron content less than those found by the Ukrainian authorities, and indeed less than the limit given in the legislation, namely 0.05mg/L dissolved iron and 2mg/L suspended iron.

INTERTANKO has approached shipping, port and ecological authorities in the Ukraine and is seeking clarification and the reasoning behind the legislation in addition to the information already provided. Based on US pollution data, even when the required levels of iron established in the regulations are exceeded there would be no toxic threat to the marine environment.

Information on this issue is requested in order to help further the case being presented to the Ukrainian authorities by INTERTANKO. To send information or an enquiry please contact Tim Wilkins or Gunnar Knudsen