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Friday, October 19, 2018


Brazil/Paranagua - enhanced oil pollution surveys

The naval authorities have advised that increased oil pollution has been noted in the Bay of Paranagua. It is suspected that ships calling at Paranagua are the cause of such pollution. Planned periodic surveys will be intensified to identify the source of any pollution. Samples from the polluted seawater and the nearest ship's bunker tanks will be taken and analysed. If the samples match, a fine will immediately be imposed on that ship. Once a fine is applied, the ship owner has some 15 days to present a defense. However, prior to departure a bail has to be deposited as security. Fines, as laid down in the environmental law, could range from BRC 1,000.00 to 50,000,000.00. Since the sampling procedure/result may not be conclusive, members are advised to alert masters to take precautionary steps.

Brazil/Paranagua - update after vessel grounding

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 43 of 26 October, the transfer of cargo was completed 29 October. The authorities' main concern seems to be solved, but the vessel will be monitored until it has left the port and the situation is regarded as completely secure.

Source: MARCON Ltda., Paranagua

Mexico - changes to telephone area dialling codes and numbers

On 17 November 2001 new telephone dialling codes and numbers are to be introduced. For calls to Mexico from abroad the new city codes must be added. The changes will affect three types of calls:

1/ Long distance calls inside Mexico;
2/ International inbound calls to Mexico;
3/ Cellular phone calls.

For further details
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Source: Canega Shipping Services, Houston

Panama - increased safety measures

In an effort to increase safety measures at Panamanian ports, including the Canal, the Panama Maritime Authority has requested that ships provide them with the ETA and the three last ports of calls. This information will be included in the standard arrival information required by the Panama Canal Authority (PCA).

Source: C. Fernie & Co., S.A., Cristobal

Russia/Novorossiysk - explosion on board a tanker

On 27 October an explosion occurred on a laden tanker shortly after departure from the Sheskharis oil port. Fire broke out in the engine room and the upper decks. Some crew memvers reportedly sustained injuries due to the fire. A short suspension of port traffic was enforced, but later returned to normal, while all vessels were cautioned while approaching the port. No oil leak has been reported so far.

Source: GAC Hot Port News

Saudi Arabia - obligatory ARAMCO Ports & Terminal Book

Effective 1 January 2002 all vessels calling at Saudi ARAMCO terminals will be required to possess the newly published 2002 edition of the Saudi ARAMCO Ports & Terminals Book. The book contains important information concerning vessels' acceptance and vetting procedures, delays at berth with related rules governing charges. Members should ensure that the book is available on board to avoid unnecessary delays.

Source: GAC Hot Port News

USA/San Francisco - arrival notice requirements

A 96-hours' notice of arrival is required. For details of the requirements

Web link:

Failing to meet the requirements may lead to a delay in the vessel entering the San Francisco Bay.

The USCG Sea Marshall Program is in effect, which means vessels are subject to boarding by armed officers for a security check.

Source: Barwil Agencies (N.A.) Inc., Long Beach (Ca)