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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


INTERTANKO's involvement with this issue has been widely reported in the Weekly NEWS over the last year and through INTERTANKO's Ship Vetting Inspection Committee meetings. The latest information is as follows:-

Three companies in Singapore have been required by the MPA to carry out ship vetting: VOPAK/GATX, Tankstore and Oil Tanking. Each of these companies has developed its own inspection procedures.

VOPAK/GATX started inspecting vessels from May 2001. VOPAK will use SIRE reports in their risk assessment evaluation and will only perform vetting inspections on vessels for which reports are not entered in SIRE. These inspections will be undertaken by independent (and not in-house) inspectors.

Oiltanking started in January 2001 and inspections are being done by in-house personnel. Although Oiltanking does not charge" owners for these inspections they will inspect ALL ships that call at their terminals and will not "fully" rely on SIRE reports.

Tankstore has advised that they will implement a ship vetting scheme for tankers calling at Pulau Busing Terminal, Singapore from 1 November 2001. We have received the following memo from Tankstore:

As we do not have access to SIRE / CDI database to extract the necessary information, we requested through agents of vessels to send us the pre-berthing questionnaire with the information such as when and by whom the vessel was last inspected.

We intend to appoint an independent reputable SIRE/CDI/OCIMF approved surveying company to inspect vessels while at berth rather than at anchorage or elsewhere to minimise delay and cost.

Terminal will maintain a database for vessels inspected by our appointed surveyor and any non-conformity will be noted and a copy will be extended to the master. The inspection report will remain in our database for one year and all vessels will be inspected at least once a year and if a vessel received non-conformity report will be inspected subsequently to verify compliance.

We are anticipating the cost to be in the region of S$650 to S$700 per inspection excluding GST and a 5% administrative fee by the terminal for maintaining database and follow up.

All three companies say they are/will be inspecting vessels at the terminal during cargo operations to avoid unnecessary delays to the ships.