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Friday, September 21, 2018


The international shipping industry is facing significant shortages in marine engineer and nautical sciences officers world-wide. The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is one of several institutions that have risen to this challenge by training and providing high grade graduates in this field through its Marine Engineering and Nautical Sciences Programs at the Pacific Marine Training Campus (PMTC).

BCIT:PMTC students are currently looking for sea-service placements to fulfill their graduation requirements. Ideally, host companies would sponsor students for their required sea time periods of four to six months over a three-year period.

When BCIT students join companies as part of their sea service, their skills and knowledge base range from practical training in diesel engineering to basic navigation, communication and GMDSS. Courses range from STCW short courses for first-year students to advanced teaching in Bridge Resource Management, thermodynamics, automation and control, marine power systems, advanced computer studies, naval architecture for fourth-year students.

Some of the benefits of providing sea-service opportunities for students are:

  • Companies are able to train and evaluate potential permanent employees.
  • Students gain essential industry experience and real-life interaction with people working in their chosen field.
  • International companies have an opportunity to be a critical ingredient in preparing the workforce coming up in the ranks over the next generation.

Members who would like to have more information about the BCIT:PMTC Programs or about the Nautical Science Cadets and Watchkeeping 4th Engineers who are available for immediate employment,

Contact: Captain Cay B. Jarner, Coordinator of Cadet Diploma Programs Tel: +1 (604) 453-4124 or