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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Romania/Constantza - exclusive agency concerns

The Constantza Oil Terminal is the main export/import terminal for petroleum and chemical products in Romania. The terminal is under the control of the Ministry of Industry.

A new director of the terminal was appointed in January 2001. It has been brought to our attention that lately pressure is being applied to charterers, through the shippers, to appoint one agency only. Apparently, his previous position was as director of the same agency, which he also owns. This appears to be an unacceptable use of influence.

Seen in the light of the EU opening up the ports to free competition to service providers, and the fact that one oil company in Europe recently lost their case in the court for exclusive agency contracts, INTERTANKO is extremely concerned over the monopolistic situation at Constantza.

INTERTANKO has therefore approached the Ministry of Industry in Romania with a strong request to intervene and instruct the terminal to cease the agency franchise and the monopoly. We will keep members advised of any development.

Contact: Steinar Digre

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Status of U.S. ports

Security restrictions for the Port of New York and New Jersey have been modified. Deep draught vessels are encouraged to submit an Advance Notice of Arrival to the COTP, in addition to that submitted to the National Vessel Movement Centre (NVMC), so as to expedite clearance prior to arrival. Vessels that are not pre-cleared will be boarded.

Vessels greater than 183 metres in length entering or leaving the port through the Narrows or Raritan Bay must have a tug escort. No other significant changes in the security status of U.S. ports have been brought to our attention.

We urge our members to keep in mind that the above mentioned tug escort cost is not reflected in the 2001 Worldscale basic rates.

For a comprehensive list of the security conditions at ports of the United States, access

Contact: Steinar Digre

Source: Haight Gardner Holland & Knight, Washington DC