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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Brazil/ São Sebastiao - high pilotage charges encountered

Owners have encountered high pilotage charges for manoeuvres at São Sebastiao (SSEB). At least three different pilotage agreements have been signed by the services acting at São Sebastiao, but the most important information owners should note is the following:

The Brazilian Maritime Authority has published a regulation which establishes that the whole operation offered by the Pilot Association in São Sebastiao area will have a value ceiling of 20,000 Reais (about USD 7,700) for each vessel. Reference is made to the regulation issued by the Comando da Marinha (maritime authority); Portaria No. 58/DPC dated 9 October 2001.

Sources: TRIANIA Agencia Maritima Ltda., Rio de Janeiro; FENAMAR, Santos

India/Indian lighthouse dues call for SBT relief

Reference is made to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 45/01 dated 9 November.

INTERTANKO has contacted the Government of India in New Delhi, with whom it has also in the past corresponded on the issues of Reception Facilities and SBT relief. As the lighthouse dues in the future will be levied on GRT instead of NRT, INTERTANKO has pointed out the need for SBT relief to be granted on this cost item as well, otherwise SBT vessels calling Indian ports will be penalised. The Indian Ministry of Surface Transport has previously issued general instructions that SBT relief shall be given on all GRT-based cost items in all Indian ports.

INTERTANKO members are well advised to take note of the above revision in the levy of lighthouse dues, and are invited to report any irregularities to Gunnar A. Knudsen.

The revision of these lighthouse dues was announced too late to be incorporated into the 2002 Worldscale Schedule and the extra cost does not warrant an interim adjustment. Until it is included in the 2003 revision of Worldscale, INTERTANKO's members should bear this uncompensated cost in mind in future charter parties.

Source: GAC (India) Pvt. Ltd., Cochin

UK/Sullom Voe - bunker surcharge suspended

The tug fuel price surcharge, GBP 60/tug job, implemented November 2000 has been suspended due to the recent reduction in the marine gas oil price. Reference is made to Weekly NEWS No. 46 of 17 November 2000.

Source: Graypen Limited, Sullom Voe