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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Iraq/Mina al Bakr - the going gets tougher

Some charterers involved in the transport of Iraqi crude who have nominated vessels for loading at this terminal have recently encountered difficulties in obtaining approval of their vessels. One source relates the refusal to owners' persistent non-payment of port disbursements, in accordance with U.N. sanctions.

We would appreciate hearing whether other members have had similar experiences which would indicate that the Iraqi attitude against non-payers is hardening. Relevant feed back will be used as input to a renewed approach to the UN Sanctions Committee, with a request for support and assistance.

Source: Protected

Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen

UAE/Fujairah - attestation of hydrocarbon documents

Attestation of the following certificates is required for bunkering companies with a licence for Fujairah, and tankers doing cargo operations at FRCL and Vopak ENOC terminals in Fujairah:

  • Statement of Exportation of Oil and its derivatives;
  • Discharge Certificate;
  • Certificate of Origin;
  • Loading Certificate.

To have these certificates attested, the parties concerned should follow the instructions given below:

1/ 3 days prior to arrival, the ETA and survey company involved in the cargo operation must be advised to the Harbour Master's Office. The port authority then appoints an independent surveyor to attend the cargo operation (who checks quantity, quality and cargo documents) for owner's account, invoiced to the agent.
2/ Copies of the following certificates and originals should be attached, and should be available until attestation:

  • Bill of Lading;
  • Certificate of Origin;
  • Cargo Manifest;
  • Certificate of Quantity;
  • Certificate of Quality.

All the above documents must be submitted for attestation within one week from the date of completion of cargo operations.

Source: GAC Hot Port News