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Friday, October 19, 2018


This was confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of State for Maritime Affairs, Prof. Ramazan Mirzaoglu, during a meeting with the INTERTANKO Chairman, Lars Carlsson, Managing Director Peter Swift and Dragos Rauta from the INTERTANKO Secretariat, on 21 November in London.

This is a very positive step towards bringing these Conventions into force (commencing from 2002) in a region with increased traffic through the narrow passage of the Turkish Straits.

Also present at a meeting INTERTANKO had with the Turkish Delegation at the IMO 22nd Assembly in London were: Mr. Mustafa Korcak, Undersecretary of State for Maritime Affairs, Mr. Halit Cevik, Deputy Director-General for Maritime Affairs in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Dr. Osman Kamil Sag, Dean of the Istanbul Technical University, Mr. Hucum Tulgar, General Manager and Chairman of the Board of the Coastal Safety and Salvage Administrations and Mr. Tugrul Biltekin, Third Secretary of the Turkish Embassy in London and Deputy Permanent representative of Turkey to IMO.

There was a general exchange of views with regard to the challenges confronting local authorities and ships to ensure a smooth and safe transit. Turkish authorities are concerned with the increasing traffic, especially the potential of increased transportation of hazardous materials and of Caspian oil by tankers. They are also concerned with the safety aspects of transiting in the wake of the latest terrorist attacks in the US.

INTERTANKO recognised these concerns and expressed its interest in contributing to a general effort to address these challenges. INTERTANKO considers as a priority matter any further development of the safe transit of tankers in today's traffic. Alternative means of transportation of oil in the region might be set up in the future, but at present INTERTANKO wishes to see a safe and efficient traffic through the Straits. In this general context INTERTANKO will visit Istanbul next week and will have a number of meetings with its members and associate members in Turkey as well as with local authorities and other interested bodies.

The meeting on 21 November could be seen as marking the beginning of a much closer and direct relationship between INTERTANKO and the Turkish Government. As you may be aware, the authority of Maritime Affairs within the Turkish Government is with the Prime Minister's office. The Prime Minister delegates his authority to a Ministry of State, Prof. Mirazoglou, who coordinates the activity through the Undersecretary for Maritime Affairs.

Dragos Rauta from the INTERTANKO Secretariat is available for any further clarification