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Monday, October 15, 2018


Indonesia/Kuala Tanjung - drastic port cost increase at private berth

Due to the implementation of wharf maintenance dues as from 15 October 2001, and an increase in towage rates, the port costs have increased drastically at Kuala Tanjung by 66.5%.

PT Multimas Nabata, a subsidiary of Wilmar, privately owns the vegoil berth. The maintenance charge has been implemented on their initiative. According to the agent, in principle they do not have the right to do it, as the regulations state that for private berths, the berth dues are shared between the port authority and the berth owner.

INTERTANKO has approached the berth owner, and we will keep members advised of the outcome.

USD 0.164 x GT x 2 days

The cost has increased due to the fact that the basis for calculation has increased from 5 to 7 hours:
Up to 3500 1 x in/out USD 1,000 (max 4 hours) + USD 250/hour
3501-8000 1 x in/out USD 2,500 (max 4.5 hours) + USD 560/hour
8001-14000 1 x in/out USD 4,500 (max 5 hours) + USD 900/hour
14001-18000 1 x in/out USD 6,000 (max 5.5 hours) + USD 1,100/hour
18001-40000 1 x in/out USD 9,000 (max 6 hours) + USD 1,500/hour
40001 and above 1 x in/out USD10,000 (max 6 hours) + USD 1,667/hour

Source: Andhika GAC, Jakarta